Interest tests offer orientation

Career orientation and educational choice

When choosing your career it is crucial to find the best educational training for yourself. This is a gradual process. Quite often it does not make sense to think of a concrete profession, but rather to consider what you are good at and what you are suited for.

The following questions can provide orientation for this choice:

  • What do I enjoy?
  • What am I escpecially good at?
  • What is easy for me?

Drei Studierende sitzen an einem Tisch und lernen.

In order to get a better overview of your answers to these questions, you may store your notes in a folder.

Once you have answered these questions in detail and have found out which activities you are particularly interested in, you can research on professions and training possibilities in a next step. During your research, you can have a close look at the degree programmes that will guide you to your professional goal.

Interest tests can provide orientation and important indications for choosing your degree programme and profession. However, the concluding results only provide you with information and do not replace a qualified personal consultation on the choice of career.

 What are my interests?

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The University of Vienna provides prospective students with various Online Self-Assessments which you can complete on a voluntary basis. These study-related self-assessments (fach:check) can offer you an insight into the degree programme of your choice and also help you get an overview of your own abilities. After having completed an Online Self-Assessment, you receive individual feedback as well as specific advice.

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Interest tests at the BerufsInfoZentren of the Public Employment Service Austria

The BerufsInfoZentren (BIZ - Job Information Centres) of the Public Employment Service Austria (Arbeitsmarktservice - AMS) assist you with orientation regarding the choice of your career and degree programme. You can take interest tests in combination with on-site consultation. On the website of AMS you can find further information and a list of all BerufsInfoZentren in Austria.


Online career test of the Chamber of Labour of Upper Austria

The Chamber of Labour (Arbeiterkammer - AK) career interest test enables you to find out more about your personal interests and preferences. As a result, you receive an individual interest profile and specific suggestions for your career choice that fit to this profile. There are two different versions: one for adolescents under 18, and one for persons over 18 years of age.

Logo der AK OÖ interest profile of the Austrian Economic Chamber

The interest profile which you can create on (Wirtschaftskammer Österreich - WKO, powered by ibw) offers you the possibility of discovering your interests and inclinations in about 10 minutes and becoming familiar with related occupational groups and professions. After you have rated 66 statements, a graphic will be displayed on your screen that gives you one bar for every occupational group. The larger your interest in the respective occupational group, the longer the bar.