East Asian Economy and Society (Master)

 Why study EcoS?

The master’s programme in East Asian Economy and Society (EcoS) deals – in particular, but not exclusively – with the areas of economic policy, development policy, political economy and international relations in East Asia. Graduates of the master’s programme have comprehensive knowledge of the economic, political and cultural characteristics of East Asian countries as well as their development and are qualified to apply this knowledge to specific practice-relevant topics.

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Master of Arts

Degree Programme Code: 066 864

4 semesters / 120 ECTS credits

Language: English

Special Admission Requirements


Study Programme


The master’s programme consists of modules on the following subject areas:

  • contemporary east Asian language,
  • East Asian economy,
  • East Asian politics,
  • East Asian society, and
  • a research seminar for master's students.

To complete the programme, students have to write a master’s thesis and pass an oral master’s examination.



Five Concepts

which you will deal with during your studies (examples):

  • Governance
  • Politics
  • Regionalism
  • Economics
  • East Asia

 Overview of the programme structure & topics

Here you find the current offer of courses for this programme to gain better insight into the topics and structure. For more information please click on the respective level.

After Graduation

Depending on their previous qualifications and the competences acquired during the master’s programme, graduates are qualified to work in occupational fields that require social scientific, method-based knowledge of China, Japan and Korea and, in particular, knowledge of the East Asian region and the specific institutions. For example, graduates could work:

  • in academia
  • in the area of political or business consulting
  • for organisations focusing on security policy or development policy
  • for banks, insurance companies or other internationally active companies.

Graduates' Perspective on the Degree Programme

Graduate Survey

The University of Vienna regularly surveys graduates after the completion of their degree programmes about their experience with their degree programme and the university itself. The survey gives you insight into graduates perspectives of their studies from a subject and organizational related point of view.

Information about the Graduate Survey

Career Tracking of Graduates

The alumni tracking provides information on the career progression of the graduates of the University of Vienna and provides orientation for entry into the profession after graduation (e.g. search duration of first job, salary development and sectors in which graduates are active).

Information about the Career Tracking of Graduates