Non-degree programme


Non-degree students are not admitted to a specific degree programme but have the possibility of “attending individual courses”.
Non-degree students can participate in the entrance exam procedures for bachelor/diploma programmes.

Without secondary-school leaving certificate

Persons without secondary-school leaving certificate can study a non-degree programme to:

  1. pass their “Studienberechtigungsprüfung” or
  2. to bridge the time until their school-leaving certificate is issued (i.e. in case they still need to pass part of their final exams) or
  3. attend various courses out of interest.

Regarding case 2: The information below is not relevant for you. Please read the information for “NachmaturantInnen” (in German).

With secondary-school leaving certificate

Persons with secondary-school leaving certificate are admitted as non-degree students to:

  1. pass a German language course or other subject courses at the University Preparation Programme of the Vienna Universities ("VWU") to be able to start with their degree programme or
  2. attend various courses out of interest (i.e. because the University of Vienna does not offer any Free Mover Programme; persons taking an educational leave).

In case 1, you will have to apply for admission to a degree programme in the normal way. Please do not read the information below, as it does not correspond to you!

In case 2, carefully read through the consequences of studying a non-degree programme!

Additionally, persons are admitted as non-degree students if they

 Required documents

You will need the following document as a JPEG or PNG file:

  • your passport or personal ID (front and back)


  • Summer semester 2020: from 7 January to 30 April 2020

 Semester start

  • summer semester: 1 March
  • winter semester: 1 October

Schedule of the academic year

Your steps in the admission procedure


Step 1: Registration in u:space

Activate your u:account in u:space, you will need this account during your studies at the University of Vienna. Log in to u:space, finish the registration and click on Studies > Apply for admission > Non-degree programme. Click on the link that guides you to the Statistical Data (UHSTAT1) Confirmation. Fill in the confirmation and print it.


Step 2: Personal admission

Within the admission period, go to the Admission Office (opening hours) and bring your passport/personal ID and your UHSTAT1 Confirmation with you. Pay your tuition fee and the Students’ Union fee.

You have to do this personally, as your identity has to be verified. Representation by third parties is not possible!

As soon as you have received your secondary-school leaving certificate/certificate of university entrance qualification examination (“Studienberechtigungsprüfung”), go to the Admission Office (opening hours) during the admission period and present these documents in their original version together with your student ID card. There you will be admitted to the degree programme.


What do you have to bear in mind?

A non-degree programme has several consequences:

  • Exams that you pass during your non-degree programme can only be recognised for a degree programme in Austria if you did not have your secondary-school leaving certificate or your certificate of university entrance qualification examination (“Studienberechtigungsprüfung”) at the time you passed the exams.
  • You have to pay your tuition fee and the Students’ Union fee, regardless of your citizenship.
  • Course places are preferably distributed among degree students.
  • During a non-degree programme it is not possible to pass (partial) diploma examinations, module examinations or public defenses. Thus it is not possible to complete a degree programme.
  • If you are a citizen of a non-EU/EEA country, please check in advance with the Immigration Office (MA 35) if you will receive a student visa.
  • You will not be able to apply for an Austrian self-insurance (=health insurance) for students.


What happens after the admission?

As soon as the prescribed amount of money is registered as "received on" in u:space (> Financial matters > Tuition fee/Students’ Union fee) you can order your student ID card, the u:card.

You can also print your student documents (student record sheet, confirmation of enrolment) via u:space by clicking on > Personal matters > My documents.

After the admission, you will be able to plan your semester and register for courses. The registration periods are available in u:find and u:space.



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