Leave of absence

There are different reasons for a leave of abscence. The leave of abscence can not be issued for one or more degree programmes, but rather applies to all your degree programmes at the University of Vienna.

First read which effects a leave of abscence has and then decide if you want to apply or not.

Reasons for a Leave of Abscence

  • Pregnancy
    Proof: Copy of the Mother-Child-Pass or medical confirmation by a doctor including a date of birth.
  • Child care
    Note: You can apply multiple times for a leave of abscence until the child reaches legal age .
    Proof: Copy of birth certificates of parent and child and copy of the residential registration form (Meldezettel) to proof both live in the same household.
  • Military service or civilian service
    Proof: copy of military or civil service agency
  • Voluntary social/economical year
    Proof: confirmation by the agency
  • Care or support obligations for a relative.
    Proof: proof of relationship (birth certificate, marriage certificate), and official notification about degree of care or confirmation by a medical specialist about need of care (no diagnosis needed!) und Bescheid über Pflegestufe oder fachärtzliche Bestätigung über Pflegebedürftigkeit (Diagnose nicht erforderlich!).
  • Illness, injury, disability, which considerably impair your studies for at least four weeks.
    Proof: medical confirmation for a duration of hindrance from studying of at least four weeks.
  • A considerable impairment from your studies of at least four weeks by work or through a work realated training.
    Proof: confirmation by the employer of a considerable impairment of your studies of at least four weeks because of the existing employment (which has to more than negligible).
    If you receive training additionally a confirmation about registration or participation is required. This confirmation has to include content and duration of the course.
  • A considerable impairment from your studies of at least four weeks by administrative reasons by  public authorities abroad.
    Proof: summons, official order or other confirmation letter by an authority. This note has to include at least 2 dates with at least four weeks in between. Additionally a retroactive confirmation of attendance by the authority is required.

 Required Documents

You require:


  • Summer semester 2018: 2 January until 28 February
  • Winter semester 2018/19: 2 July until 30 September

How do you apply for a leave of abscence?

Send all required documents via e-mail per your u:account e-mail (https://webmail.univie.ac.at) to beurlaubung.zulassung@univie.ac.at. Be advised to apply as soon as possible as you have to pay your tuition fee timely in case your application gets rejected. Please note that the tuition fee may increase by 10% depending on your citizenship and your date of payment.

After your application has been processed, you will be notified via e-mail.

In above mentioned deadlines you can also withdraw your application (same e-mail address). The raised tuition fee may also apply in this case.

As soon as your fee is registered as paid in u:space (Financial Matter > Tuition/Students' Union Fee), you can print your student record sheet (u:space > Personal Matters > My Documents).

What do you have to bear in mind?

  • If your leave of absence has been approved of, you have to pay the students' union fee (currently euro 19.20), but not the tuition fee. Do so within the payment deadlines. 
  • If the leave of absence has been denied, you have to pay the prescribed fee - it could be the increased fee by that time. If you withdraw a leave of absence that has been granted, you also have to pay the fee. 
  • If you study at several universities and want to have a leave of absence at each of them you need to apply for it at each university separately.
  • The leave of absence due to child care is possible until the child reaches majority and both parents can be on leave of absence at the same time.
  • After the leave of absence you may take examinations (even examinations for courses from the semester you were on leave) 
  • Your enrolment remains intact and you can still use the IT services (u:account) and the university library. 
  • You do not receive a student record sheet (Studienblatt), no sticker for the student ID, no confirmation of enrolment (Studienbestätigung) 
  • In the first semester you may not take a leave of absence.
  • Having been granted a leave of absence does not automatically effect a granting or prolongation of your residence permit. The MA 35 has its own procedure. You have to clarify all issues related to residence issues by yourself by asking the MA35 before you apply for a leave of absence. 
  • A leave of absence during your time in the Preparation Programme (VWU) is possible. The semester, however, is counted for the 4 semester you are entitled to the programme.  Make sure you ask the MA35 for possible effects regarding visa/residence permit! 
  • You are not entitled to a semester ticket of the Vienna Transport Authority (Wiener Linien). 
  • You may not receive family allowance (Familienbeihilfe) or the federal study grant (Studienbeihilfe) during the leave of absence. 
  • The co-insurance with relatives or the student self insurance may be cancelled (ask your insurance company).
  • If a curriculum expires during your leave of absence, you are subjected to it nonetheless. The leave does not postpone that.


What is not allowed during the leave of absence?

If you have been granted a leave of absence you may not do certain things during a certain period of time:

in Winter semester: 1 December until 28/29 February
in Summer semester: 1 May until 30 September

you may not

  • attend lectures/classes
  • hand in scientific papers for grading
  • take examinations